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3 Advantages Of Adding Plywood Panels To An Existing Wooden Fence

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For years, one of the most common ways to surround property has been with wooden fencing, which makes a lot of sense because wood is accessible, affordable, and fairly resilient when properly maintained. While an existing wooden fence probably serves your home and property well, there is always room for improvement. One way many homeowners are upgrading their wooden fences is by adding plywood panels. Plywood panels can be attached to an existing wooden fence for a total transformation in both style and function. Take a look at these major advantages of adding plywood panels to an existing wooden fence on your property. 

Gain a new level of privacy with plywood panels. 

Wooden fences may do a lot to mark property boundaries for aesthetic appeal, but they usually do little in the way of privacy. You can easily change that by attaching plywood panels to the existing wooden fence to close up the visible gaps. Plywood panels are solid in composition, but can easily be trimmed from their sheet-like state into narrower pieces to give the appearance of a wooden privacy fence that keeps your property completely private from the outside world. 

Give a dated wooden fence new life with plywood panels. 

Once a wooden fence has been in place for a lot of years, some of the materials can start to wear down, which means the fence pieces and components may not be as secure as they should be. By attaching plywood panels to the aging fence posts and slats, you will be adding an added layer of stability that can help your aging wooden fence last through many more years. The added panels will help to secure the worn pieces in place and take some of the pressure off of those pieces so they will not be so easily compromised. Additionally, once the panels are in place, your fence will have a new and transformed look, which will give the impression that you have eliminated the aging wooden fence altogether. 

Keep your property more secure with plywood panels. 

Adding plywood panels means your property will be private, but also means that the property will be more secure from both intruders and animals that can cause issues when they make their way inside your property. Plywood panels will create a solid surface that will not be easily compromised by things like neighborhood dogs, cats, or even predatory animals like possums and raccoons that can cause issues if you have chickens or other small fowl. 

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