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4 Types Of Wood Fences For Your Home

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If you are invested in the idea of putting a wood fence around your home, you need to determine what type of wood fence you want to install around your home. There are various types of wood fences you can install that will meet your different needs.

#1 Picket Fence

The most classic type of wood fence is a picket fence. Picket fences are generally not that tall, usually only reaching around three to four feet high. The pickets are spaced apart and are generally pointed on the top. The pointed feature at the top of the fence is designed to discourage individuals from climbing over the top of the fence, even though the fence is short.

Picket fences are great to go around front yards where you still want your house visible from the street. They also work well to mark off a garden or play area.

#2 Vertical Boards

If you want to achieve a higher level of privacy, vertical boards are a good option. They are made to fit together closely, so that only very small items can pass between the boards. The close design also helps to protect your privacy and makes it harder for someone to see through them.

Vertical board fences are usually around six feet tall. This height is designed for privacy purposes and is great if you want to close off your front or back yard from the view of the neighbors.

#3 Lattice

Another type of wood fence you could install around your home is lattice fencing. Lattice fencing creates crisscross strips of wood. These crisscross strips of wood make it hard for people to look into your yard.

The design nature of lattice however still allows a breeze through your fence. If you want to enjoy the local breeze while gaining a higher sense of privacy, lattice is a great choice. Lattice is generally around four feet tall, although multiple lattice boards can be used to create a higher fence for privacy purposes.

#4 Post & Rail

Finally, there is the most classic of all fence types, the post and rail. With these types of fence, you can vary the height greatly. They can be short or really tall. The taller the fence posts, the more rails you will have to put on the fence. You can space the rails out to be large and open or you can make them tighter if you are trying to prevent small animals from being able to pass through the fence.

Post and rail fences are great when you just want to mark the boarders of your property. They are also traditionally use to help pen livestock.

Think about what your needs are. Do you want a fence that will provide you with privacy? Or are you looking more to just create a boarder around your home? Your privacy and height needs will help determine what type of wood fence will work best for your home. Visit a site like for more ideas.