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Five Things That Can Be Done To Prevent Birds From Flying Into A Glass Pool Fence

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Some pool owners who decide to put up a glass fence have to deal with the problem of low flying birds repeatedly striking their fence.

Birds flying into a glass fence can cause blemishes or cracks to develop. The experience can sometimes be fatal for birds, and this means that pool owners will find themselves having to clean dead birds out of their pool area.

Fortunately, the following five things can help to solve the problem of birds flying into a pool glass fencing.

Try to make your glass fence as visible as possible to birds

Pool owners often choose to put up a glass pool fence because of the elegance this type of clear fence offers. However, pool owners living in areas with high bird populations should consider some methods of making their fence glass more visible to prevent collisions.

Decals or some type of pattern on a fence can make it so that birds can see the fence glass and won't fly into it. 

Avoid leaving your pool uncovered

When your pool is not in use, it's a good idea to cover it to stop it from attracting birds. Birds could see pool water through a glass fence and fly over to the pool to drink. 

The best thing to do is cover your pool with a solar heater. This will stop it from attracting thirsty birds while also raising the temperature of your pool water to make it more comfortable for swimmers. 

Keep bird feeders away from your pool area

If you feed birds in your yard, you need to be conscious of the location of your glass pool fence when placing your bird feeders. Avoid putting bird feeders too close to your pool to keep birds away from your fence glass. 

Consider placing sculptures that will scare birds off

While you probably aren't going to want to put a scarecrow around an elegant pool scene, you might consider putting up a sculpture of an eagle or another bird of prey. This can be a good ornament for your pool scene that also discourages birds from coming too close to your pool and fence. 

Minimize vegetation growing around your fence and pool area

Birds can become attracted to vegetation like bushes and trees growing near your fence because they can offer both food and a good spot for nesting. By minimizing vegetation, you can prevent birds from making a home in areas where they'll be flying around your pool fence.