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How To Maintain A Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fencing is one of the most popular fencing options for both residential and commercial properties, largely due to its low price point, easy installation, and its ability to withstand a wide variety of physical and environmental factors without becoming damaged. However, despite its natural durability, chain link fencing is not completely immune to wear and tear. In order to keep your chain link fence in good condition for as long as possible, there are a number of simple maintenance tasks that you should complete.


The first and simplest thing that you should do to keep your chain link fence in good condition is to regularly clean it. Spraying down the fence and scrubbing particularly dirty areas with a rag or sponge and soapy, warm water can hep remove stuck-on dirt and other materials that can hold onto moisture and cause rust to develop over time.

Rust Protection

If your chain link fence is not coated with zinc or plastic and is instead made out of exposed metal – usually iron or steel – you will have to apply a regular anti-corrosion sealant every year or so. Rust protective paint is available at most hardware stores, and comes in a wide selection of different colors, which means that you can customize the appearance of your chain link fencing. Paint can either be applied using a brush, which can be time consuming, or with a paint sprayer – just be sure to use a tarp or a similar covering to protect the surrounding soil and plant life. Pay particular attention to the screws and other connectors which hold the fence posts and supporting bars in place; they are often the first to rust and can cause the entire fence to collapse.

Trim Back Plants

Another important maintenance task to keep your chain link fence as structurally sound as possible is to regularly trim back any nearby plants that may be growing on your fence. Any added weight can begin to pull your chain link fencing apart, making physical damage like leaning or sagging sections much more likely. To proactively prevent plants from threading their way through your chain link fencing, you can weave vinyl slats, available at most hardware stores, through the fence itself. Not only will this block the growth of vines and branches, but it will also create a privacy screen that prevents prying eyes from seeing into your property.

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