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Top 6 Modern Commercial Security Options

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As a commercial enterprise, security must always be high on your agenda. Each year, businesses lose billions of dollars due to theft. This means that the cost of not being vigilant can be very high. However, it's difficult to guarantee security for your business if you only take a single approach.

Luckily, commercial security options are quite many and you can pick a combination that can be quite effective in turning your business into a secure place.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance should be standard at any business operating in the present environment. The introduction of business surveillance has enabled the prevention of many crimes and also allowed business to follow up on crimes after the fact.

Video surveillance doesn't just help your business, it can also help law enforcement when they're pursuing individuals that pose a threat to public safety.

Access Control

One of the most effective ways of preventing or limiting the damage that theft can cause is through access control. Controlling who can access certain areas of your business is a highly effective method of preventing theft and other security issues.

Access control also allows you to set access levels. This means that certain employees may have unrestricted access to all parts of the business while others may only be able to access areas that are relevant to their roles.

Intrusion Alarms

Most thieves are likely to strike when there are few or no people about. This is usually at night or some other time when your business is closed. Intrusion alarms can alert you or your security company in case someone breaks into your property. An audible alarm can also serve as an effective deterrent in many cases.

Commercial Locks

Thieves that target commercial enterprises are likely to be more motivated than your run-of-the-mill burglar. If all you're relying on are the same types of locks that are used in a standard home, these will pose little challenge to them. Get in touch with a commercial locksmith and have them install locking systems that are better suited for commercial buildings.

Commercial Chain Link Fence

One way to keep people from intruding on your property? Make it difficult for them to get on it in the first place. A commercial chain link fence does just that. Commercial fences differ from home fences in that they are of sturdier construction and involve a stronger trenched foundation. They may involve a non-transparent covering or barbed wire at the top as well to make your property more private and uninviting to trespassers.

Security Software

While you may be more concerned about the physical security of your business, it may be your non-physical assets that are at the greatest risk of being compromised. In recent times, hackers have been targeting companies or their customers by exploiting their computer systems. Therefore, if you're thinking about commercial security, you should also be thinking about how to secure your computer systems to keep out hackers.

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